“Music is a powerful thing so I try to pay respect” – WOLVSERPENT im Gespräch

wolvserpent anfangMit ihrer zweiten Veröffentlichung “Perigaea Antahkarana” und der darauf enthaltenen besonderen Mischung aus Doom, Drone, Metal und Ambient wissen WOLVESERPENT immer noch zu begeistern. Dabei haben sich Brittany McConnell und Blake Green entlang eines Instrumentariums aus Schlagzeug, Geige und Gitarre einen festen Platz im Ensemble des Besonderen erspielt. Die Intensität ihres Ausdrucks folgt der Kraft einer Blitzblendung und überglänzt mit ihrer Hinwendung ins Vulkanische das sie Umgebende. Dabei bildet das amerikanische Duo keine Soundrecherche nach, noch verstieben ihre Ideen im Fluss des eigenen Klanges. Vielmehr beherrschen sie die Klaviatur des Überschwangs und bespielen einen Raum, der keine Rückzugsmöglichkeiten offen lässt. Live sind sie kein Erlebnis – live sie sind eine Erschütterung! Lasst Euch erschüttern.

? What was the initial motivation to found WOLVSERPENT?

We created this project in order to have an appropriate vehicle for this aspect of our musical collaborations.

? What was the initial artistic vision for WOLVSERPENT and how has that vision evolved or transformed through the history of the project?

Like any musical project I suppose it is a vehicle for self expression. The visions and ideas change and grow as we change and grow. Our most consistent goal is probably honesty and freedom in creative expression.

Wolvserpent Promo 2? Your album “Perigaea Antahkarana” was released recently. What are the main differences between that release and your debut?

“Perigaea Antahkarana” is more developed. It combines aspects of Blood Seed with another album called Gathering Strengths. You can clearly hear the growth on the newest album but it still sounds like the same band.

? In what period were the songs created and what can you tell us about the recordings?

We started writing the material in 2010 I believe. We toured a few songs in Europe and then re-wrote and improved them when we returned home. After recording a demo on tape cassette we re-wrote and re-arranged the material again until we felt confident in the piece and released the full length on Relapse Records in 2013.

? How did you get your ideas? Do you wait until you are inspired or do you work within a certain time frame where there has to be a result at the end?

Ideas come as they come. Sometimes they are forced and sometimes they arrive randomly as inspiration. Often times one idea turns into another and another until it is not even recognizable by the time we are through. Since we are collaborators this change is a really cool process to witness. The ideas either of us bring to the table become completely unique to the group as opposed to the individual.

? Do you have a fixed idea what kind of musical world you want to show the listener?

No…..and yes. Generally we have our own ideas and would like the listener to have theirs as well. But we do concentrate on aesthetics with visuals, lyrics and song titles to at least assist in guiding the listener to a degree. It is like a guided meditation, if I can get a little new age for a moment.

? The artwork of your releases is beautiful. What role do the visual and the haptic aspect play for you in general?

Thank you. Currently the visual aspect is very important. We try and put as much effort as we can into this part of the project and combine the strengths of both art forms to help define the atmosphere and feeling of the project overall.

? You are also involved into other projects. Could you tell us something about them and are there any plans for releases?

Yeah. I have another project called Aelter and I am working on the newest album now. It has taken a very long time to get this material together since I am really pushing myself and taking things in a new direction. Shorter vocal based songs are very difficult for me at this point but I am excited about the challenge and I hope that fans of Aelter will enjoy the change. We have another project with Garek from A Story of Rats called Mezektet. We live in different states so an on-site collaboration can be difficult to schedule but we definitely have plans to continue that project. The last time we played together everything was done with 4 mics and a tascam 4-track. That material is yet to be finished or released.

? Do you think that metal is in kind of a “Golden Age” right now?

Wolvserpent Desert After Storm 300 dpiThere is certainly an insane amount of talented artists and amazing projects around the world in the underground right now. A lot of unique ideas being presented. It is really mind-blowing. However there also seems to be an insane amount of carbon copy pop structure bands around. Nothing against pop structure or dedication projects but it is difficult to see some truly unique bands go unrecognized when they are so talented. On the same token…some pretty weird bands have been getting recognized too so maybe this will change. It seems like this has happened in the past as well. So maybe just another cycle. I’m not sure. I do know that I support people who are following their hearts and passions no matter how unique or challenging the outcome maybe. Cheers!

? Runes seem to play a large role in your work. What is the idea behind that?

We use a lot of symbolism in our work and Runes are one of the constants as well as the Sri Yantra and the Sanskrit language or other references to Hinduism. We enjoy studying the old spiritual ways of different cultures and finding insights and truths within those beliefs that are still relevant today. Brittany studies and teaches Yoga and I have always been interested in various spiritual practices. So these aspects of our lives tend to come out in the music and artwork.

? Do you think the worldviews of artists shape the kind of music they produce?

I can’t really speak for anyone but myself but I can definitely say that my worldview shapes my work. I attempt to stay artistically true to who I am and what I observe in the world and hope that something unique and pure will be added. Sometimes I will edit or remove ideas because they do not fit with what I think is appropriate to be expressed. Music is a powerful thing so I try to pay respect.

? Are there plans for WOLVSERPENT performances in Europe/Germany in the near future?

We are trying to get this sorted. It is a little bit challenging as the financial aspect is a bit out of reach for us. When we get it worked out we will love to play in Germany!

? What music do you listen to these days? Would you like to recommend some artists to our readers? What kind of elements must a song have so that you like it?

Yeah sure I can recommend some artists I have been listening to lately. It is a fairly diverse list. Woven Hand, Worm Oroborous, Subrosa, Scott Walker, Loss, Hell, Worship, Uzala, Of the Wand and the Moon, Monument, Golden Fawn, Barren Harvest, Marrisa Nadler, Druden, Neil Young, Will o the Wisp, Ruins of Beverast, Hail, Lluvia, Julee Cruise, Kate Bush, A Story of Rats, At the Head of the Woods, Common Eider King Eider, Sorrow, Abysmal Grief, Wardruna, Spectral Lore, Mania, Tenhi, Oranssi Pazuzu, Warsaw Village band, Swanox, Rome, Will O the Wisp, Sutekh Hexen, Cycle of the Raven Talons, Anhedonist, Anhedonia, Adduara, ColdWorld. Just a few from a long ass list. I like to listen to all types of music but the most common elements are probably a strong atmosphere and some type of hypnotic element.

? What can you tell us about your future plans?

We are looking toward releasing a new EP of a piece we wrote about 6 years ago. Iti s pretty different and we are very excited about it.

? Final words …

Thank you for the interview and cheers to our fans in Germany!



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