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weeping rat tarDie Australier von WEEPING RAT legen auf Handmade Birds ihre musikalischen Wurzeln frei. Da erhascht der Hörer eine Spielart des Gothic Rock, der in allen Facetten des schwärzesten Schwarz schimmert. Eine Eindringlichkeit fällt dabei auf, die den Rezipienten zu verändern vermag. Die in Melbourne Heimischen verstehen sich meisterhaft darauf, das Herz auf dem Wellenkamm des Besonderen hüpfen zu lassen. Dazu und darüber das nun folgende Gespräch …

? Since when does WEEPING RAT exist and what was your motivation to start the project?
Weeping Rat started in 2012. It began out of the desire to just make something that brought a lot of ideas together in one place (everyone says this, ha!). I was making the initial music by myself at my home, and it evolved from there.

? What was the initial artistic vision for WEEPING RAT and how has that vision evolved or transformed through the history of the project?
The vision hasn’t really changed much from the start. It was always going to be about a love for old style post-punk and gothic music. The evolution has stayed natural, sometimes you don’t want to touch on the same idea too many times. The main goal is to keep the music depressing and somewhat complex. Things tend to change when a band starts as one person, to what is now 4-5 people. I don’t like to go on about influences, you can listen and see what you think yourself!

? In February Handmade Birds will release a CD called “TAR”. What can you tell us about this album? In what period were the songs created?
TAR is our first full-length record. It was created over the course of 2013-2014. It’s a place for us to start, in a simple attempt to get some footing in our sound. We have tried to make a varied sound for the record, no two songs are really the same. It is soft, loud, complex and also simple in parts. It took a while for us to write this, there were a few songs we had to leave out. The songs left on the record are what we think to be the most expressive of them. We love Handmade Birds for releasing “Tar” on CD.

? In your mind what is this feeling WEEPING RAT`s music evokes?
This is hard to say… lyrically it is very dark & somewhat hopeless. The music is filled with a lot of melody which in our opinion is helpful to balance out the feel-bad nature of the lyrics. Music can be “sad” but still ultimately quite exciting and fun. I guess in our eyes it is meant to be a little bit introspective, to make your head nod while contemplating oppressive nature of life.

weeping rat foto 2? What would you say where the greatest influences of you during the writing and recording your releases?
Like I said before, I usually don’t like to go on about influences. It can make it harder for the music to speak for itself. Let’s just say classic gothic rock and electronic/post- punk music of the 90s.

? Could you please give a brief summary of your musical development?
When the band started, there were a few online releases on bandcamp that spanned 2012-2013. Nothing too exciting. We released the Fractured Zones/ Forced Vision EPs to expand the sound we wanted to get familiar with. Since then it was all about working on TAR to bring all of that together. There is a lot more to come after this. As far as musical development. I don’t know I can comment on that really, maybe that is up to the listener.

? Are there artists and projects with which you feel some kind of mental or musical affinity?
You know what, not really. At least in our immediate familiarities. Simply because we don’t know enough people in our city/country to make that kind of judgement. I am sure that there are musicians and artists out there that we could really get along with if we knew more about them, and they us.

? How do you try to preserve your artistic ideas? How do you store them?
A couple of us have immediate recording capabilities, so that’s how it’s usually done. A quick recording of an idea to start the process. Like a synth melody or vocal idea. I usually write lyrics on a little pad when something comes to me. Nothing too unusual actually. There is quite a backlog of musical ideas that are waiting to become real.

? You are from Melbourne. What can you tell us about Melbournes music scene?
To be honest, not much. There is a lot going on though, lots of shows and bands going around. A few groups off the top of my head that always impress are NUN, Whitehorse & COMPLETE.

? What are your favourite records 2014 and what are your “all time favourites”?
A tough question. A few favorites from 2014 would be Gazelle Twin – Unflesh, Alter Der Ruine – I Will Remember It All Differently, Hateful Abandon – Liars/Bastards, Psalm Zero – The Drain, Puce Mary – Persona. All time favorites for me have to be Skinny Puppy – Too Dark Park, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Talk About The Weather, Rudimentary Peni – Death Church, Sisters Of Mercy – Floodland, Type O Negative – October Rust.

? Do you have new material in the pipeline?
Absolutely. We have another EP in the works as well as little beginnings of a new album. Like most bands we always have new ideas and want to record them

? Will there be WEEPING RAT-gigs in Europe in general and in Germany in particular in the near future?
Who knows. We would love to play in Europe and Germany. If someone wants to book us then the sky is the limit.

? Any final words?
Thanks for the interview! And big thanks for Damned Gates (Australia) and Handmade Birds (USA) for supporting such a sickly cause. That’s all I’ve got.


(D.L., S.L.)

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