„Music takes different people to different places.“ – Ein Interview mit MYRKUR

myrkur2Relapse zaubert eine dänische Überraschung aus dem Hut. Das Ein-Frau-Black-Metal-Projekt dürfte der Tipp für die nun bald immer kürzer werdenden Tage sein. Aus den Frostfängen fräst sie das Gestern heraus. Sie umgürtet es mit ihrer Schaffensglut. Sie schöpft da etwas Eigenes. Ein wunderbar kratziges und widerborstiges Ding von einer Debut EP steht ab sofort in den Regalen. Hört, Hört!

? Could you introduce yourself?

Yes. I am Myrkur and I come from Denmark.

? What was the initial motivation to found Myrkur?  RasmusMalmstrøm5

There has been not a certain event or motivation to make me write music, I have always done it as long as I can remember. I started working on this particular EP many years ago, but not with the intention of releasing it or even playing it for anyone else. I had much reservation about it as well as not much desire for it to be heard. Now one can say I am happy I chose to send it out.

? What can you tell us about how your debut came into being?

I wrote and recorded most of it in my house in Denmark and in my summerhouse in Nordsjælland. It takes me a very long time to make this music so I work quite slow. After I have written and recorded everything, I mixed the EP and then had someone else master it so it could be properly loud.

? What made you release it on Relapse? What do you appreciate about that label?

I appreciate that they are evil and want to spread the message of black metal and that they don’t care if I wish to stay anonymous as long as possible. They are not full of shit which is rare in the music industry.

? Was there a specific idea of what the album would (have to) sound like?

Not specifically a sound or concept – but I very much like the combination of raw evil black metal with pure and beautiful choral vocals. Just like nature and life itself, it is contrasts of darkness and light and pure beauty and harsh frozen and dangerous elements.

? What place do you want to take the listener when they listen to your music?

To Valhalla and to Nifelheim. Really I believe it must be up to the listeners themselves to interpret any music. Music takes different people to different places.

? Can you talk a little about the artwork? RasmusMalmstrøm10

It is a painting of a woman emerging from a forest and my logo is based on the Rune Mannaz.

? Is there a basic idea that fuels all of your work?

I wish to be connected to nature and my roots. No matter what I do or where I go or what it sounds like, it all comes from inside me, very affected by where and how I grew up in Scandinavia.

? We think that artists hardly ever like being labelled. Have there ever been labels which were more acceptable than others?

Again this labeling must be up to the listener, if that person needs to do so in order to listen to the music. It has nothing to do with me. People don’t know the bands they listen to personally but they can attribute ‚qualities‘ or personality traits to them, via what they have been told by a writer or a bio or a record label. There is no such thing as a true label onto an artist, in the end there is only one thing and that is the actual music. Music is the legend, not the person making it.

? Would you say that music can be another form of language? In which one can express himself where otherwise words can fail? And if you are of this opinion, how can it be transcribed?

Yes you could say music is language. It transcends words, and communicates through emotion, not logic. Lyrics are perhaps a more precise form of the art, and melody/chords are subtle, capable of evoking emotions words can not. The transcription is unimportant, it springs from a another source of the creative and abstract. Tones, strengthened by words turn into a language of emotion, power, and width.

? What music or art is inspiring you at the moment?

I am infinitely inspired by classical music composers such as Edvard Grieg, by Ancient Norse folk songs, folklore and by the Icelandic sagas. By painters like Nikolai Astrup. I also quite enjoy watching ballet, particularly Russian Mariinsky or Bolshoi. It is so beautiful and pure and graceful and at the same time so dark and harsh in a way. No weak person can dance Russian ballet.

? What kind of music did you listen to growing up? How have they influenced the development of your own style?  RasmusMalmstrøm8

Classical music, choir music, arrangements of norse folk music and children’s music, pianist like Jan Johansson who had impeccable taste in choosing songs to play and also how to play them, I liked Sissel Kjyrkebø’s voice and some of the traditional Norwegian music that she would sing. Anything that I could play on my violin and that involved ballet. I liked metal from a very early age too. And yes it has influenced not just my music, but everything i do.

? What can you tell us about your future plans?

I am writing for my full length record and looking into different studios to record in, mostly in Bergen. And then live concerts.

? Final words…

Stay trve and rooted in nature. Silence the ignorant people. Spread the message of black metal.

(D.L., S.L.)


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