“I am more interested in what is before belief, and beyond belief” – FEARTHAINNE im Gespräch

Wer in den Weiten des World Wide Web sucht, wird nur wenig über das amerikanische Quartett FEARTHAINNE finden. Interviews gaben sie bislang keine – und so schien es kaum einen Beweggrund für die Band zu geben, daran etwas zu ändern. Erst das Zureden durch Chet W. Scott sorgte dafür, dass Joshua Phillips einem Kurzgespräch zustimmte. Als “Seelennahrung“ und “vorübergehendes Zusammenwachsen von Energien“ beschrieb er in der Folge FEARTHAINNE. Nun findet sich in “Knowing“ die zweite full-length Veröffentlichung der Amerikaner. Dabei unterstreicht der bei ALETHES und FAUNA mitwirkende Bandgründer, dass es keine festen Pläne für die Zukunft geben wird. Die Öffentlichkeit – und sei es eine subkulturelle – meidet die Band. Ihrer Suche prägt sich das Siegel des Erinnerns auf. Joshua äußerte im Vorfeld des Interviews den Wunsch, dass es im Original belassen werden solle. Dem kamen wir gern nach…

? Can you give us a brief overview of the history of the band?

The first songs emerged from the rainforest, giving voice to a longing deeper than the core of the Earth. Later songs were born in the desert, coming through the hands and heart of the Desert Son. Confederates were drafted, finding their own states of ecstasy and a communal communion of transmutation.

? How did your new album “Knowing” come into being and what can you tell us about the recordings?

Recorded at Home.

? In what period were the songs created? What would you say was the greatest influence on you during the writing and recording of “Knowing”?

2004-2006. The manifold influences that potentiated these movements include the literature of ecopsychology and deep ecology, the grandeur of a state of immersion in the natural world, and the struggle of a modern person to discover reasons to stay alive.

? How important is it for you to compose and/or record in the proper surroundings? Are there places that seem to have a negative influence on the creative process?

Space and place are vortices, which can connect the seeker with different energies and archetypes. All of these may be harnessed to the task of transcendence and communion, though one would need to call upon particular energies and forces at particular times.

? What is the story behind the title ”Knowing”?

“The formulation of a problem is often more essential than it’s solution.” – Albert Einstein

? What is the main inspiration for your work?

To live with the knowing that everything about this life is wrong, and that it is yet the most immaculate perfection.

? Would describe yourselves as searchers, when yes, what are you looking for?

The Light. Truth.

? Do you believe that only with culture, can mankind imitate nature?

Mankind does need to imitate nature. Humankind is nature. Our consciousness is a vast repository of millions of years of Life. We are simply a cell of the larger body of divine significance, the seer for whom meaning accrues to the experience of what is called “nature.”

? What significance does the forest have for you all?

The forest is a place wherein the truth of one’s own Soul can be discovered, in the simplicity and grandeur of Life’s unbridled expression.

? What stance do you all have on anarcho-primitivism?

Anarcho-primitivism has been a Light, and is still broadly within the body of thought that is considered kindred.

? Are there any developments in the present for which you stand against?


? Do you occupy yourselves with questions of belief?

I am more interested in what is before belief, and beyond belief. What is intrinsic, requiring no effort on the part of the individual to be integrated into the web of the psyche?

? Will there be FEARTHAINNE gigs in general and in Germany in particular in the near future?

Performances in the States are within the realm of possibility, though nothing is currently planned. As for Deutschland: as much as I wish the answer were “Yes,” an unfortunate reality is that this methodology is quite fringe, and a visit overseas could never be financially viable. I do not have the financial resources to squander on such a journey, however rewarding it might be spiritually and personally.

? You are also involved into other projects. Could you tell us something about them and are there any plans for releases?

Musicians participating in Fearthainne have participated in other musical entities, such as Echtra, Fauna, Vines, Ekstasis, Sadhaka, Port of the Sun, Cycle of the Raven Talons, Blood of the Black Owl, and others. All of these projects release music, and many perform live.

? What can you tell us about your future plans?

Only that they do not exist. The winds may cause the embers to glow again, but no commitment to continued manifestation has been made.

? Final words…

Fearthainne exists to channel something of the divine to the daily reality of modern people. In this, the “band” is only a temporary coalescing of energy, offering nourishment to the Soul, but ever-ready to disperse and become available again as Spirit. Find your way to the wellspring within that offers this same balm, which is what Fearthainne is in its essence.

(D.L., S.L., CVG)

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